Top Discounts for Seniors

Senior citizens are among the first who want to save money, and senior discounts can aid this mission. Many organizations and businesses understand the need for saving and offer serious discounts for people above certain age. Using senior discounts will allow you to maximize your buying power and make those savings or retirement payments last longer, allowing you to have a higher quality of life.

What are senior discounts?

Senior spending options are often much more limited than those of younger fully-employed population. Even with these financial limitations seniors represent a large percentage of shoppers, so retailers want their business, especially as Baby Boomers age. To encourage shopping, many brands and stores have significant discounts to help senior citizens afford various necessities and commodities. Seniors are encouraged to inquire about the discounts because they are not legally required or widely advertised. Always ask about them and don’t miss an opportunity to save.

Senior discount age requirement

Most retailers have their own rules about the age of senior discounts. There are no commonly accepted rules, so read the policy of the organization prior to spending your money there. Some agreed limitations apply to a wide range of businesses – for example, most auto insurance companies offer senior discounts for people over 50. Many restaurants consider people above 55 seniors. Many other retailers offer discounts for shopper above 60 years of age. Being in-the-know is your key to savings.

Types of senior discounts

We made a list of common types of senior discounts to help you make an educated decision about where to take your business and save. Don’t shop at any of those retailers without a discount, always ask, and always pay less.


Retail discounts

Let’s take a look at what discounts can be had from the most popular retailers. They are not always plentiful or very significant, but still worth a shot:

Kohl’s – up to 15% off senior discounts on Wednesdays. This offer is eligible for combination with other store coupons.

Kohls senior discount

Ross – up to 10% off for seniors above 55 on Tuesdays, in store only.

Walgreens – one day a month seniors can save up to 20% off. Use your Balance Reward card to take advantage of this great discount.

Rite Aid – 10% off on Tuesdays and 10% off on prescription medication.

Banana Republic – 10% off.

Walmart – discounts are few and vary by location, so ask at your local store.

Home Depot – no specific discounts, but they will price match another store’s offer.

Home Depot shopping with senior discount

TJ Maxx – 10% off on Mondays at some locations, mostly in Florida.

Big Lots – some stores have discount cards for seniors for up to 10% off.

Goodwilll – 10-20% off one day per week.

Target – very limited discounts, location based on specific days.

Target shopping image

Marshall’s – location based discounts only.

Kmart – some stores offer up to 40% off on select days for shoppers of 50 and over.

Joann Fabrics – 20% off for seniors over 55 on Senior Discount Days.

Joann yarn shop

Amazon – all AARP members save 50% on qualifying Kindle books, 10% on Kindle e-readers, and 10% on paper or audio books.

Lowe’s – 10% off some purchases for seniors that are veterans.


Grocery senior discounts

Those discounts are not plentiful, but often available on select products with store cards:

Kroger – discount card is available at select locations.

Publix – some days seniors can get 5% off, time varies by state.

Food Lion – location based discounts.

Fred Meyer – first Tuesday of the month offers 15% savings.

Albertsons – some discounts are available by location.

Safeway – senior discounts with discount cards.


Restaurants senior discounts

These are the best places to get discounts, especially at national chains. Smaller local eateries also offer some deals for seniors, so always ask. The discounts usually come in early bird or special weekly or monthly event forms. The discounts are usually advertised and not hard to find:

Dunkin Donuts – if you are an AARP member, you can get one free donut with a large drink purchase.

iHop – up to 10% off on meals and drinks.

Golden Corral – discounts on meals vary by location here.

Denny’s – up to 15% off for seniors and even deeper discounts for AARP members.

Outback – AARP members can get 10% off.

Taco Bell – 5% off at many locations and free drinks upon request.

Burger King – 10% off and discounts on beverages.

McDonalds – free or discounted coffee, based on location.

Chick-fil-A – free drinks with purchase and free refills.

Subway – 10% off at many locations.

Cracker Barrel – discount senior menu with multiple options.

Olive Garden – discounted early bird dinners for seniors.

Red Lobster – senior menu discounts.

Applebee’s – up to 15% off at some locations.

KFC – free small drink.

Jack in the Box – some locations offer up to 20% off.

Texas Roadhouse – discounted senior menu.

Wendy’s – various discounts that differ based on location and age.

Chili’s – 10% off for people over 55.

Dairy Queen – 10% off or a free small drink, based on location.


Leisure activities and available discounts

Once you are done shopping and eating, check out some other discounts available for seniors. You will be surprised how much money you can save on vacation or at the movies:

AMC – up to 30% off for some shows.

Cinemark – up to 35% off early shows.

Regal Cinemas – up to 30% off tickets.

Marriott – up to 10% off booking price.

Disney and Disney World – discounts vary based on location.


Transportation senior discounts

Various modes of traveling often qualify for senior discounts; all you have to do is ask. Public transportation is especially senior friendly, so look for discounts before ticket purchase:

American Airlines – call to find discounts that might apply to you.

Amtrak – 10-15% off.

Alaska Airlines – up to 10% off, but varies by many different factors.

Southwest Airlines – senior fares apply for travelers over 65. You can receive discounts while booking tickets online, through travel agency, or with a customer care representative over the phone.

United Airlines – various discounts for seniors over 65.

Delta – call 1-800-221-1212 to inquire about discounts available for your flights.

Jetblue – no discounts available for public, but senior veterans can call and talk to the customer service representative.

Greyhound – 5% off for seniors over 62 with ID.

Uber – first day of the month is considered Senior Day in certain areas and discounts are available on those days only.


Communication and internet discounts

AT&T – reduced cost plans.

Verizon – choose Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus Plan and get great rates.

Comcast – discounts vary by location.

T-Mobile - $60 per month for unlimited text, talk, and LTE data plan for users over 55.

Sprint – special line for seniors with TTY/TDD support, LED alerts, and 911 shortcut, but no discounts on regular plans.

This list is by no means all-inclusive. Do not hesitate to inquire about available discounts wherever you go and whatever you do, including cruises, golf, and visiting national parks.