Privacy Policy

The sole purpose for our Privacy Policy is to educate our customers about our data collection and security methods and regulations. This information section is created to let you know how and why we collect your personal data, and why or when will it be used by us and for us only.

It is in your benefit to read out Privacy Policy and stay informed about our practices and regulations that apply to you. We respect your rights to privacy and handle the information you volunteer to us with utmost care. The only data we collect and store is the data you provide. By using our site you agree to provide information to us as stated in this Privacy Policy and render our data collection methods acceptable. If there is something you do not feel safe about, please refrain from using our web pages before you have a chance to further investigate the issue or contact us for more information.

Upon entering our electronic address to your browser, our system will get access to your domain name. You email address will be hidden from us, unless you register an account with All our visitors can choose to remain anonymous and can use our site freely without any requirement to give up your private information.

We have very open and transparent approach when it comes to our information collection methods. Any time we make a change, users will be informed about it here, in Privacy Policy section of our website. Should an urgent matter or a safety concern come up unexpectedly, we maintain a right to change our policies without notifying you first. The best practice for our users to stay informed and feel confident about their private data is to check this section of our site often and to read our Privacy Policy carefully.

Information Collection Methods

As stated above, we pledge to collect information that is voluntarily provided to us by our users. We choose to collect and store this information for our website improvements, modifications, and adjustments. We also strive to better our communication with our customers and use their data to achieve that. Besides the personal data given to us, we also gather and save general information that is also collected by various websites. That includes, but is not limited to, user IP address, consumer geographical location, and browser used during the visit. This information helps us pinpoint technological issues and recognize the most popular pages accessed by our visitors. The main purpose behind our frequent improvements is to serve our consumers better and become more efficient.

Market reach expansion is of vital importance to us and all collected information helps us achieve wider masses of users and solve any problems that can arise. Site optimization is one of our top priorities, requiring significant research and data to find ways to improve user experience on our website. Non-personal general data gives us various degrees of perspective and lends a hand in our quest of optimization.

If at any time we discover new ways to use your data we will immediately update our Privacy Policy and notify our users about those changes. Your agreement is automatic by site usage, so our recommendation is to check this policy frequently to make sure all sides are in constant consent about safety policies.

Sharing and Dispersing Information

Your personal information collected by us is strictly for our own use to improve our service and reach. We maintain that we do not share, sell, rent, or give away your volunteered information to any partners, third-party websites or other entities. Under certain circumstances, we might allow our partners to use your non-personal data for the purpose of marketing strategy improvement and effectiveness of communication. Please remain informed that we are the only entity collecting your data and storing it on our secure servers. We advise our customers to always be proactive about their personal information safety and suggest verifying all entities they are giving their information to.

At we do not use cookies. This being said, we reserve a right to use your data that is collected by other websites through their cookies for our marketing efforts. Your non-personal information is collected by those cookies when you enter the websites. We claim no responsibility for the content and security practices when it comes to your personally identifiable data.

Our Security Measures

We take security of our users very responsibly and we strive to safeguard collected data with the help of our constantly evolving and improving technology. We guarantee to efficiently store your information with the highest degree of safety in mind. We employ highly skilled tech staff to use multiple levels of passwords, firewalls, and encryption methods to keep your information safe. Additional firewalls are created on demand.

Our security practices are always evolving for the betterment of your trust that was given to us. Along our security evolution, other technologies, unfortunately, are evolving too and while breaches are not likely, they are possible. In case of such breach, takes no responsibility and accepts no liability for any stolen personally identifiable information.

Third-Party Connections is always dedicated to provide correct, reliable, and timely information for our users. We work hard to ensure the quality of our content. Our responsibility ends there as we cannot assume any liability for possible results of such information. We take no action for direct or indirect financial or personal loss caused by information that came from our site.

Not all information posted on our web pages is created by us as we frequently acquire it from our third-party partners. We reserve a right to not be liable for their content and claims as we have no control over them or the content they choose to post.

Children Access

We reserve a right to refuse our service to all persons less than 18 years of age. Under no circumstances it is lawful for minors to open and visit our website. Visiting while minor is a direct violation of our Terms and Conditions.

Policy Changes

We reserve a right to change any and all parts of our Privacy Policy at our discretion. Our new policies will be updated as soon as possible to keep you updated about our data collection and usage practices. We leave it up to our users to check this section frequently and to stay informed about our practices in regards to their personal and non-personal information.