Grocery Stores with Free Snacks for Your Kids


free fresh fruit for kids

Every mom and dad has surely been in a situation when grocery shopping is of great necessity, but the kids are fussy and hangry – they squirm, cry, and become unruly little monsters. Some stores offer a great solution and extend a helping hand to overwhelmed parents – free snacks and fruit for kids while shopping.


Some retailers invite you to join free loyalty program to enjoy the freebies, while others suggest special clubs and programs to get the free stuff. Yet others make it even simpler and have fruit baskets waiting right at the entrance or will give you something if you ask at the customer service department. It never hurts to ask.


Not every store has such policy and not every chain store will offer the same benefits, so talk to your local grocery store’s employees and know what is available for you.


Here is a list of retailers who offer fruit, snacks, cookies or a small gift for shopping kids:

Albertson’s offers one complimentary fruit for children that are signed up for the store’s Munchsters Club.

Amigos will give a free of charge fruit for every youngster if you will ask in produce department.

Food Farm serves kids free fruit if asked in produce department.

Fred Myer has complimentary fruit stand in the store and offers free treats for kids.

Fry’s provides Free Fruit for Kids Basket in produce department.

Harris Teeter rewards kids with a free balloon or a cookie. The station is by the service desk.

Jewel Osco requires the kids to be signed up for Healthy Eaters Free Fruit Club Card to be eligible free fruit while in the store.

Marsh Supermarket gives one free treat each week for kids under 12 who are members of Kids Club.

Raley’s has free fruit baskets by the entrances for all kids.

Ralphs entertains kids with free balloons at some locations and provides a complimentary piece of fruit every month at some stores.

Safeway – kids receive a free fruit card at the service desk for one complimentary banana or a free cookie card for one baked treat.

Sam’s Club offers free cookies for kids at some of their stores.

Shoprite gives out free cookies for kids at the bakery.

Stop and Shop gives free fruit upon request.

Super Target – select locations offer complimentary fruit or cookie.

United Supermarkets always have free fruit if asked.

Vons gives free bakery treats for children.

Walmart might sometimes have free treats, but not all locations participate. It doesn’t hurt to ask at the bakery or produce department.

Weis Markets also gifts one free fruit for kids in produce department

Whole Foods is active in introducing kids to organic and Whole Foods so pick up a Kids’ Club Coupon and enjoy a free organic apple, fruity treat or ecologic animal crackers.

Free snack and fruit for kids from wholefoods

Pavilions also has free fruit program for kids in the store.